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Good game

The graphics were really good, the concept of escaping from a bigger pacman was good, though maybe ghosts would have fit the pacman theme a bit more xD along with eating those blue ghosts when they're vulnerable. The music went really well, and I noticed it got gradually harder. Music was awesome!

Only thing I would add is maybe items of some sort, I didn't seem to come across any of them. Nothing big, thought it was a nice game to play. . (Voted to save)

Anwar Louis ^_^

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For something simple.

This made me laugh and I had fun too. . You did well on this and I'd play this again for the laughs, and the plot was pretty funky too. . Maybe if you were to refine it a but in terms of graphics, and maybe one or two of the puzzle thingies I'd 10 this. Pretty good stuff though =P

BanglaBoy96 responds:

I agree Thanks

I faved this

I don't think I've played many games like this before at all. I loved the way you added new things to each level, made the game that extra bit fun.

Very well animated in terms of art and stuff. . Like seriously I can't fault it on a fun perspective. It got steadily harder at a nice rate, the music was awesome and it flowed so well. 11/10. I'll be sure to play this again!

Oh and I'd love to make music for you guys if you make flash games :3 (If that's okay) ^^.

Epic stuff.

Anwar Louis ^_^

GameBalance responds:

Write me PM about music. I'll check you stuff tho.

It's not bad.

It's good. I didn't see any bugs. I actually liked the way the ball bounced when you missed, I think that's way better than starting all over again. I think it needs a bit of work to be considered a top of this type game. There was something new about it so I can't say it's nothing new or interesting because that would be untrue.

I'd just say, maybe add sound effects for when the ball hits something. Music to go in the background as well. (I could do both for you) xD

Maybe make the blocks multicoloured? Just to give it a bit more colour and maybe bonus stuff too like a cannon ball. . I dunno =P. . Oh and maybe make the ball 3dish aswell, so it looks like it's in motion too.

I did like this, and I think it has potential, only a small few things could be improved. Nice work.

Anwar Louis ^_^

Here goes nothing.

I really suck at reviewing flash, but I gotta say, I really liked this game. . It had a sort of real life touch to it, that I don't see in games much. . The voice addition was a classic too, with the point and click thing. . It took me a while to get into it (because I suck xD), but after I had fun and I can't fault it really. . Nice game :D

Anwar Louis ^_^
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Fro responds:

Thanks for taking your time to review. I'll hope you check out the sequel when it's finished.

Nice game

Really like this game a lot. Not too easy and not too hard, even though I suck at it hehe. I gave up at level 14 =P, I'll try harder next time.

Graphics were awesome, and the little things you added to the game were awesome like the enemy robots/laser beams etc were awesome. Made it that much more than any normal platform game.

Thank you for using my music too, with it along with the other songs in the game went really well, and it's an honour to have my music in such an awesome flash game, made my morning and maybe my day too :D.

Overall awesome game, I faved it :D <3

Anwar Louis ^_^

Not bad. .

The concept was good, but for the most part it stayed the same. . I liked it and it was fun to play :]

rasyidgames responds:

thanks :)


Who could know that just clicking your mouse once could get you so far. . I wouldn't change this game one bit. Great job! I had loads of fun on this game.

Pretty sick.

I loved it, and I had quite a good run with my friend (even though I sucked hehe). Only thing I would say is that the graphics (wordart) as the introduction wern't to my taste. That's it really, For a simple multiplayer flash game it pretty much rocks :D.

Pretty good.

For a short game I liked it, though I'dve liked it to be longer - and maybe some other small things.. I liked this. Good job. :)

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