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Very interesting.

Same as last time:

I thought it was funny how you has little inserts to every charachter with their stereotypes whilst having it in a story line. I particularly liked the one with Pinkie Pie at the beginning. I wouldn't say any were bad but that pinkie pie one made me laugh hehe. HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT FLUTTERSHY! SHE NO DO BROHOOF! GRRRRR

Seemed fine in this one, no complaints.

Animation and drawings:
Now I know you said those changing warbles were intentional but this is me and they do bug me. It just seemed inconsistant even though it was intentional.
I also picked up that the pinkie pie looks completely different in the 2 "angle shots" that you did, where as Twilight looked pretty much the same. Just something there.

Extra notes:
I loved how they seemed to have bags under their eyes, that was pretty funny to be honest. The little things like the weird brohoofing and the way they would talk made me giggle. In all honesty for me this was actually very humerous and I got a few kicks out of it. . Love your referencing and the godspeed. It all worked very well. .

What games was that cheat code for? xD

Mechabloby responds:

I was trying to get one pinkie pie to look dopier than the other. Nothing much I can do about the animation and how the wobbles change speed in places. I wanted that there and I don't want to change it. :)

Glad you got a kick out of this one too. The cheat code was just made up. :c

Again, thanks for your reviews. :)

Pretty good.

Okay, well for the most part this was actually really good. I'll break this down as I would normally:

Short, but it worked and I kept following it all the way through. It made me giggle. Not much more to add there, I like those little references that you put in there too. For me it just added a little more to it. (Dark humour is always growing on me)

Animation and drawings:
I thought that jumping man was funny seeing as he's old but somehow he has the energy to get to the toy store (not dissing old people). I didn't like the fact that I saw the word "c*nt" on the sun. . Dunno how I missed that befre, but unless that meant something. . it just seemed a little un needed for me. You know I like your warbles and this was no different, though I felt that this time it was a little to defined in terms of movement. . That's not a bad thing, I just prefer when you had those really quick and think warbles in each frame HUR HUR DUBSTEP! Nothing wrong, just something on a personal level.

Now I never picked this up when I was listening on the TV as everything unless headphones are plugged in comes out in mono. I noticed the sound comes oput of the left speaker, this is also apparrent in some of your songs. . like that one where you only used your voice. . I think something's wrong there but youi can easily sort that out, though for me it is quite off putting.
I also noticed that in some diologue there was "static", as if you chopped the dialogue up into words and stuff. . Did you put it into Slicer? Just wondering. For me it sounds like that clicking noise. . Also I can hear when you change voice from clip to clip. . That's not a bad thing, but it's something I picked up.
The sound in terms of me hearing it was fine, nothing to complain about there. I could follow it quite easily.

More notes:
For the most part it was good, very funny for me. You know my humor and this stuff is weirdly funny. . There is probably some old man out there that can relate to this flash. . oh god wtf.

For me it was good but 2 little things let you down. . I should have picked up on the c*nt thng earlier but that seemd to have slipped my eyes. Good work Oliver. . I know this took a long time and for me it paid off.

Mechabloby responds:

Glad you noticed the energetic old man - I had the intention of having that as a silly little thing. The "cunt" on the sun was just a silly spur of the moment thing, as well as the adverts at the toy shop saying "shit a dick" and "shit toys £1". I think it's all innappropriate and that's why I felt like including it - I wanted a lot of my immaturity to come into this project.

The wobbly figures might seem a bit too refined but I tried making it cleaner than my previous works so that's probably why. A lot of people are mentioning the sound only comes out of the left speaker - not too sure why but that's one of the few things that isn't intentional. I didn't put my vocals into a slicer either so all of the clicking or static is simply what the microphone picks up when I'm not talking. That, or it's just transitioning from one sound clip to another.

I'm still glad you found it humorous and that you enjoyed it though. Thanks for the review - I really appreciate it. :)


You have good taste in musical choice in your animations ;D. I mist say it was really weird but I dunno it's was more comedy for me, I liked it a lot and I must say I followed it pretty well, good job overall. . I don't like madness animations much but this was pretty cool. /faved

Anwar Louis ^_^

XXBlinx responds:

thanks a lot :)

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Good game

The graphics were really good, the concept of escaping from a bigger pacman was good, though maybe ghosts would have fit the pacman theme a bit more xD along with eating those blue ghosts when they're vulnerable. The music went really well, and I noticed it got gradually harder. Music was awesome!

Only thing I would add is maybe items of some sort, I didn't seem to come across any of them. Nothing big, thought it was a nice game to play. . (Voted to save)

Anwar Louis ^_^

For something simple.

This made me laugh and I had fun too. . You did well on this and I'd play this again for the laughs, and the plot was pretty funky too. . Maybe if you were to refine it a but in terms of graphics, and maybe one or two of the puzzle thingies I'd 10 this. Pretty good stuff though =P

BanglaBoy96 responds:

I agree Thanks

I faved this

I don't think I've played many games like this before at all. I loved the way you added new things to each level, made the game that extra bit fun.

Very well animated in terms of art and stuff. . Like seriously I can't fault it on a fun perspective. It got steadily harder at a nice rate, the music was awesome and it flowed so well. 11/10. I'll be sure to play this again!

Oh and I'd love to make music for you guys if you make flash games :3 (If that's okay) ^^.

Epic stuff.

Anwar Louis ^_^

GameBalance responds:

Write me PM about music. I'll check you stuff tho.

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Really good stuff here, perfect loop and it loops perfectly! :D

This is great, I have nothing else to add :D

Birdinator99 responds:

Hey, thanks for coming by again dude!


Nice and chilled, I'm not really gonna do an elaborate review as it seems most of the points I would have raised are in your commentary. I will say that guitar sounds really out of place for me, the notes are fine, maybe it's the sound of the guitar as I can hear what it sounds like if it was played live, but it just doesn't seem to work well. .

Nothing else really, nothing really stuck out as wrong, keep up the good work man! 'tis a good download ya seeeeeeeee.


Birdinator99 responds:

Nooooooooes my guitarrrrrrr

Oh well. Thanks for the download ya seeeee

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Oh dear.

I'm not sure which one Logic is :x

Lorkas responds:

Gosh Darn!


Big penis is big! O:

Lorkas responds:

I know right!


It hates.

But I love it! DO WANT!

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